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If you are interested in anything else than Birthday Parties, e.g. workshops, shows, events, please contact us directly.

Birthday Parties

1. Magical carbon dioxide

Do you want to organise an unforgettable birthday party with magic smoke as a main attraction?!

We can show you how to turn Chemistry into a real fun!

We would like to present to you a special guest with its extraordinary properties – dry ice! When experimenting together, we can cover the whole house or kindergarten with smoke, and then make plenty of crazy bubbles. We will discover if snow appears only in winter, and we’ll find out what secrets are kept in a chemistry lab. Let’s make some explosions with the crazy Chemists!

Dzieci z chmurą
Dzieci podczas eksperymentowania
Kolorowa wyspa w szalce
Dymiące zlewki

2. Magical birthday party

We have the honour to inform that you have been accepted into the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Many mysterious riddles are awaiting for you, just right here, but it won’t be easy to solve them…Using magical spells we will create colorful smoking potions and mystical experiments that will guarantee unforgettable memories! Next, together we will travel to the Magic Forest… Are you ready to start an adventure among the wizards?

Czarodziejskie rekwizyty
 Zadymiony stół
magiczna pajęczyna

All scenarios are available in the following packages:

time45 min90 min150 min
number of animators22 3
explosive chemical show
safe play led by professionals
necessary laboratory equipment
experiments carried out by participants
chemical outfit for every participant
colorful slimes done by participants
mini disco and plays with professional animation equipment
closing every child in a giant bubble
chemical Surprise for a Birthday Person
certificates for every participant
gifts for every participant
personalised invitations for guests
price (up to 12 children)499
extra payment (over 12 children)15 PLN/person27 PLN/person
extra payment for getting to a chosen location outside the area of Cracow, Katowice and Nowy
(1.10 PLN/km in one way)

It is possible to modify birthday packages depending on your preferences and

Additional options:

Zastawa (m.in. kubeczek, talerzyk, widelczyk)

  • zastawa (m.in. kubeczek, talerzyk, widelczyk, patery i miseczki na
    (5,50 zł/1 osoba)

Dziewczynka bawiąca się Slime

  • 30minutes of additional experiments*
    (99,00 PLN)
    NEW: colorful slimes done by participants!

Chemiczny wybuch

  • gifts for every participant
    (12,00 PLN/1 piece)

Chemiczna piniata

  • pinata filled with sweets
    (89,00 PLN)

Zaproszenia dla gości

    • invitation for guests
      (4,50 PLN/1 piece)
*additional experiments can be only selected in the following
packages: WORKSHOP

We don’t provide birthday cake for guests- it could be too explosive. But we can
recommend great cakes from our acquainted pastry shop:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where could I organize a birthday party?


    • in location chosen by you: (eg. house, apartment, restaurant, kindergarten); we also
      commute outside the area of Katowice


A rental fee depends on the duration of the birthday party.

What is needed to organise a birthday party?

You do not need to provide a lot. We only need an access to water (bathroom to clean our laboratory
equipment), a place at a table and a chair for every participant. The floor is also an important thing –
tiles or linoleum is better than, for example, carpet that could be stained during the birthday party.
We provide laboratory equipment and a chemical outfit for every participant (BOOM! and WORKSHOP packages

Are snacks/drinks/tableware provided?

Snacks/drinks/tableware should be provided by parents/guardians.

Are birthday experiments safe for children?

Experiments carried out by participants are completely safe. Children use ingredients that are used in
kitchen (for instance: vinegar, oil, flour).

What is the minimal required age of participants?

Our birthday parties are dedicated to children in age between 4-12 years old, but the experiments can
also be done by children in age of 3 with their parents/guardians.

How early on should I book a birthday party?

Our parties are very popular so we suggest you to book it as early as you can (we recommend at least
one month in advance).

How could I book a date for a birthday party?

To book a date, please send an e-mail or call us.

When can children eat the cake?

Our experience tells us that the best time to eat the cake is between the show and the workshop – they
can gain energy for making experiments.

Can parents stay at the party?

Parents of a Birthday Person are of course invited, but if you want all parents to stay, it is better
to choose a place with two separate rooms.

Can I take photos/make videos during a birthday party?

Your children are going to do experiments for the first time in their life, so it is a really important
moment. Of course, you can make a short video or photos during the party – it would be a great memory.
We also have an acquainted photographer: 2fotografki.pl